Birthday Exclusions

Crystal Shimmer Ballpoint Pen, Light Blue, Chromed plated
Crystal Shimmer Ballpoint Pen, Light Green, Chromed plated
Garden Tales Magnolia Magnet, Small
95 AED
Article no.: 5580029
Millenia necklace, Square Swarovski zirconia, Yellow, Gold-tone plated
Chroma hoop earrings, Blue, Rhodium plated
1010 AED
Article no.: 5600894
Hyperbola choker, Wave, White, Rhodium plated
5060 AED
Article no.: 5598359
Mesmera clip earring, Single, Triangle cut crystal, White, Rhodium plated
Somnia necklace, Brown, Gold-tone plated
3540 AED
Article no.: 5600794
Attract Rectangular Pierced Earrings, Green, Rhodium plated
Jungle Beats Pineapple Magnet, Yellow, Large
200 AED
Article no.: 5572158
Millenia clip earring, Single, Green, Gold-tone plated
Jungle Beats Parrot Ornament
250 AED
Article no.: 5572151
DC Comics Superman Logo Magnet
150 AED
Article no.: 5557488
Jungle Beats Decorative Stand Andoki, Small
150 AED
Article no.: 5568477
High Smartphone Case with Bumper, iPhone® 12 Pro Max, Pink
Glam Rock Smartphone Case with Bumper, iPhone® 11 Pro Max, Blue
Tigris hoop earrings, Orange, Rhodium plated
655 AED
Article no.: 5610986
Tigris hoop earrings, Multicolored, Rhodium plated
Millenia necklace, Octagon cut crystals, Blue, Rhodium plated
Orbita Earring, Single, Drop cut crystal, Multicolored, Gold-tone plated