What to Consider When Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Look for the qualities sought after in any other kind of diamond when you are buying lab grown diamonds. 
The lab grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity Collections are graded and certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) according to the 4Cs of diamond quality, whether bought in a select store or online. The high quality diamonds are tailored to every price point, and their exquisite beauty ensures they will be treasured forever. Wherever you buy lab made diamonds from, ensure they offer the following principles and benefits.

Certified Excellence

A discreet seal is laser engraved on every laboratory grown diamond embellished in Swarovski Created Diamonds jewelry weighing 0.25 carats or more, which serves as proof of origin identifying the diamond as an authentic Swarovski creation and a laboratory grown diamond of impeccable quality. This seal is only visible under powerful magnification.

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IGI Certification


Precious Radiance

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