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Welcome to the future of diamond jewelry. The Swarovski Created Diamond jewelry collection radiates otherworldly wonder, featuring beautiful laboratory grown diamonds that are identical to their mined counterparts in every way but how they originate.

Swarovski Created Diamonds Collection

Exquisitely set in precious metals, our Swarovski Created Diamond collections marry tradition and trends with distinctive designs. Swarovski’s heritage of creative savoir-faire, and limitless imagination in designing joyfully extravagant and elegant jewelry is beautifully expressed in this Swarovski Created Diamonds collections.

The Galaxy Collection

Reflecting the bold vision of Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, each pendant, ring, and pair of earrings radiate celestial brilliance. Inspired by the cosmos, these captivating creations are suspended in precious metal settings to create the illusion of lights orbiting the Earth.

The Eternity Collection

The new Eternity Collection is our latest range of beautiful laboratory grown diamond jewelry. Eternity is a celebration of the art of simplicity, each design crafted to reveal the depth and brilliance of the scintillating diamonds, each piece of jewelry capturing and transforming the light to cast a beautiful radiance over anyone who wears it.

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Why Choose Swarovski Created Diamonds?

Building on 128 years of innovation, the laboratory grown diamonds in the Swarovski Created Diamonds collections replicate nature as they are formed layer by layer from a tiny carbon seed. Once grown, each diamond is finished with exceptional care, showcasing our evolving savoir-faire and fascination with light.