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Anniversary Ornament, L.E. 2020
227.50 AED 455 AED
Article no.: 5504083
Swarovski Symbolic Friend Necklace, Red, Gold-tone plated
215 AED 430 AED
Article no.: 5535826
Swarovski Symbolic Palm Bracelet, Light multi-colored, Gold-tone plated
Stunning Olive Pendant, Green, Rose-gold tone plated
360 AED 720 AED
Article no.: 5515463
Shell Angel Pierced Earrings, Light multi-colored, Gold-tone plated
Sparkling Dance Necklace, Blue, Rhodium plated
240 AED 480 AED
Article no.: 5485721
Latisha Pierced Earrings, Black, Rose-gold tone plated
287.50 AED 575 AED
Article no.: 5516426
Swarovski Symbolic Charm Necklace, Light multi-colored, Rhodium plated
Wreath Ornament, Leaves
160 AED 320 AED
Article no.: 5464866
Anniversary Mouse
342.50 AED 685 AED
Article no.: 5492742

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